Valentine Pillow

When February comes around I immediately think of two things.

First, Jonathan, because his birthday falls on February 1st.

Second, Valentine’s Day.

Tutorial now available!  Valentine Pillow Tutorial and XOXO Template

We aren’t huge celebrators of Valentine’s Day.  It is more a day where I seem to think about and appreciate those I love even more.  So, when I think of it I don’t think of chocolates or flowers, instead it is a reminder of how lucky I am to be loved.  Therefore, we don’t decorate much for Valentine’s Day, but I thought a little touch hugs and kisses would we sweet.  Here is my one Valentine decoration this year:

It was super easy to make!  I will post a tutorial soon: Valentine Pillow Tutorial.  (update: tutorial now available)

If you don’t know how to sew, you could still make this pillow.  I made the pillow case and added the XOXO, but you could easily buy a pillow case and then add the XOXO to it without having to sew.

Here it is before I added the buttons:

And here are the buttons – love them!

It is tame enough that it can stay out year round when with other pillows, or if placed front and center it makes more of an impact.

In the sunroom:

In the Family/TV Room:

And in the kitchen on our built-in benches:

I was actually taking a picture of Jonathan’s birthday breakfast here, but you can see the pillow peeking out in the upper left corner of the picture 🙂
I am not sure where it is going to stay yet, but I do know that I am in love with it!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Please Share it! 🙂

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