Reversible Poncho / Cape Child Sized 18 Months

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just throw a coat over your child’s shoulders? A coat that is heavy enough to block some of the brisk fall wind, but not so heavy that it looks like you are heading out to build a snowman? How about a coat that snaps in the crotch so that it does’t ride up around that great baby belly? Well, I wanted and couldn’t find one…… so I made one!

I am very excited about this lightweight poncho!

It has a hood.

It has a snap in the crotch.

It slides easily on and off over the head. No worry about armholes.

It is like a warm blanket wrapped comfortably around your little one’s shoulders, but it stays on and they can still move and crawl in it!

It is reversible.

And…it is only three pattern pieces!

A hood.

A front.

And back.

Cut two of the front and back pieces on the fold – one from the lining and one from the main fabric.

Cut four hood pieces – two main and two lining fabric.

I am going post the pattern pieces for a size 12-18 month poncho (that is the size Eliana is wearing in the pictures) along with a tutorial on how to make one of your own.

To see the full FREE tutorial and 12-18 month pattern click here!

What do you think?

Look for the Fall Poncho Tutorial – coming soon!

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