Party Activities For A {Cowgirl} Bachelorette Party

For my sister’s bachelorette party we traveled to Nashville, TN.  We wore cowgirl hats and boots, stayed in a country looking log cabin, listened and line danced to country music the entire weekend and said “Yee-haw” every chance we could get!  It was a cowgirl themed bachelorette party due to our location and outfits…not as much with the games we played so these could really be applied to almost any type of bachelorette party or at the very least could be easily adapted to fit your theme.  Games for the house party on Friday night included a boot signing, wishes and kisses, Cowgirl posed photo shoots, a panties party and of course ended with an all girls dance party. For details on our entire weekend itinerary including short reviews of the venues we used check out this link!

Boot Signing

We asked the bride to place a pair of her favorite boots on the table.  We provided several permanent markers along with a sign explaining what to do.  The sign states: Her boots were made for walkin’… and that’s just what she’ll do!  Sign the bottom of Lauren’s boots so on this trip she’ll remember you!!”
All the attendees of the bachelorette party signed their name on the bottom of her boots in permanent marker.  Both boots were filled with the names of her beloved friends who celebrated with her for the weekend.

Wishes and Kisses

We had a picture frame that had a mat included.  We removed the mat and placed it on the table along with a sign that said: “Send your love with a kiss to the beautiful Bride-To-Be”.  All girls were to kiss the matt with their favorite lipstick so that the bride would have a kiss from all of her beautiful girlfriends.  A photo from the weekend will be inserted into the frame so that she can cherish this wonderful group of women.

Cowgirl Posed Photo Shoot:

We had a disposable camera sitting at the house with a sign stating: “Snap your best COWGIRL pose!!!”.  The photos will be developed and given to the bride so that she can see and remember how much fun her girlfriends had on her weekend getaway in Nashville.

Panties Party

The bride had to pick one of the many pieces of lingerie that were hanging around the house and guess who the item was from.  I think the funniest item was from our Dad who sent two t-shirts – one for her fiance and one for herself to wear after the wedding stating “I GET IT EVERY NIGHT”.

The history behind these shirts is that the bride wore them in highschool and our father did not approve (I don’t know if she completely understood the underlying meaning of the shirts because they were actually an advertisement for a pizza company (the pizza logo is on the back)).  Our dad confiscated the t-shirts and kept them all of these years.  His note stated something along the lines of “After your wedding these shirts go from most inappropriate to most appropriate”.

All Girls House Dance Party 

Friday evening ended with a dance party while everyone kicked up their boot heels and sang/danced to country music.  This was just the beginning of the dance moves shown throughout the weekend.  They got even better after taking the Line Dancing Class on Saturday.  To see our full itinerary for a fun weekend in Nashville check out my previous post.  It contains details on our weekend with reviews and links to all the tours, restaurants, and accommodations that we used.

Pictures Posters and Schedules

  We had posters set up around so that people knew what the schedule was for the weekend.  These are nice to have because it helps keep people on time (especially when you  have a large group) and they provide something for people to look forward to.  They can look at what is in store for them for the weekend and get excited!  We also had photos of the bride strung around the house.  If you look back at the lingerie photos above you can see that there are pictures from the brides past attached to the walls, curtains and anywhere else we could clothespin or tape a picture.  We were fortunate to have many friends of the bride who were willing to send us photos before the weekend event!

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