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Hot Apple Cider Bar

Last year, to kick off the Christmas holiday season we added a Hot Cocoa Bar to our dining room:

It was such a hit that I decided I wanted to do something for Fall with Cider:

It is a fun way to serve a seasonal drink during a party or get together

This bar won’t stay out all season because I think it makes for a more special occasion when the Hot Cocoa bar appears for the month of December, but it is fun to throw something like this together for friend’s when they come over. 

This particular Hot Cider Bar was photographed during the Toddler Costume and Pumpkin Party on Halloween

Therefore, the desserts that accompanied the Hot Cider included seasonal homemade treats
Witches Hats:Fudge Striped Cookie and a Hershey Kiss – attached with orange icing
And Acorns:Mini Nutter Butter, Hershey Kiss and mini Chocolate Chip – attached with icing
If I made the acorns again, I would buy store bought chocolate icing.  I tried to make my own brown icing with things I already had at the house and it turned out grey… oh well.  But I think it would be worth buying brown next time. Please Share it! 🙂

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