Homemade Granola Christmas Gifts

Most importantly,  LETS GO IRISH!  OK, now back to granola…

We have been making homemade granola recently.  We now eat it almost every morning for breakfast.

We mix it in either Greek yogurt or Trader Joe’s European Style yogurt (I love this yogurt – I usually get the “Whole Milk European Style” and have turned my brother onto it too.  Whenever I can get to Trader Joe’s I pick up 2 containers of it).

This Santa has been holding granola all season to easily add to our yogurt in the mornings

I also keep it in a small container in my purse – it is a great healthy afternoon snack if I have “forgotten” to eat and am suddenly hungry.  Eliana likes it too!  She just does a much better job managing it when the yogurt helps keep it together.  She makes quite a mess when eating it dry.

We have been enjoying it so much that we decided to make little homemade gifts out of it.  We figure people gets lots of cookies this time of year so maybe it would be fun to get something different.

I found the small cellophane bags and tags at Target.  They had a whole section near their Christmas stuff for Christmas containers.

So each of our neighbors got one along with our Christmas card.

And if you hosted us at a Christmas party this year, you also received one as a hostess gift.

It is super easy to make.  And it is loaded with lots of goodies.  I put dried blueberries, cranberries and cherries.  I also toasted almonds and pecans and coconut.  Yummy!  The recipe is a friend of the family – so good!  Thanks Tammy!

Please Share it! 🙂

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