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Bake a Valentine Heart (Birthday) Cake for your Sweetie

My Hubbie’s birthday was last weekend. ¬†Unfortunately (and fortunately ūüôā I was away on my sister’s bachelorette destination weekend in Nashville. ¬†Of course I wish I could have celebrated with him on the real day, but we made do and celebrated last night!

Eliana’s favorite shape right now is a heart. ¬†Her favorite color is red. ¬†So Jonathan ended up with a Pink Heart Cake for his birthday… ¬† ¬† Since it is so close to Valentine’s Day it would also be the perfect cake for your Valentine! ¬†Jonathan is of course my and Eliana’s Valentine (and hopefully will be both our valentine’s for years and years to come). ¬†So, even though it is not the most masculine cake, he is deserving of a heart cake coming from his two girls whether it be for his birthday or Valentine’s Day!

How We (Eliana and I) Did It:

1. Bake your favorite cake in a 9″ round and 9″ square pan.
2. Cut the 9″ round cake into two half circles.
3. Turn your 9″ square into a diamond (turn it) and place both half circles on two adjoining sides.

4. Make your favorite icing.  Spread it over your heart cake.
Here it is all together in 1 picture showing the steps:

Note: This ends up being a very large cake. ¬†I didn’t have a platter that would hold it so we opted for a very large cutting board to serve it on. ¬†It worked out great because it was really easy to cut the cake since it was already on a cutting board!
This cake was inspired from a pinterest post I found last year.  The owner of the pin is: Katie Brown Home Workshop and her heart looks much better than mine so make sure you check out her post too!

The Story Behind The Recipes We Used:

Jonathan loves yellow cake with white icing. ¬†He is a simple man. ¬†I found two recipes that looked very promising and put them together – 1 recipe for the cake and 1 recipe for the icing. ¬†The cake recipe we used was from The Smitten Kitchen – Best Birthday Cake. ¬†The icing recipe we used was found on the Pioneer Woman’s site but originally came from Tasty Kitchen – That’s the Best Frosting I’ve Ever Had.¬†
The icing was very good. ¬†I would make it again. ¬†The cake I am sure would have been good if I had used the right flour :-/ ¬† Note to others: ¬†When the cake recipe calls for “Cake Flour” do not use “Pastry Flour”. ¬†I went out and looked specifically for Cake Flour and couldn’t find it. ¬†So I found Pastry Flour and assumed they were the same thing (a cake is a type of pastry, right?). ¬†So, I am going to give this recipe another try and use any flour that doesn’t state “self-rising”. ¬†The cake was still good, just not great. ¬†It had a bit of a cornmeal taste to it… ¬†Sorry honey! ¬†Maybe I will make this again on Valentine’s Day with the right flour! ¬†
Happy Birthday Jonathan! I love you!
For other Valentine inspired crafts check out last year’s post: DIY Valentine Pillow¬†and Tutorial! Please Share it! ūüôā

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