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Repurposing and Building A Kitchen Table – DIY Square Pedestal Table

One of the first things that we did after moving into our house was renovate the kitchen.  As part of this renovation we had the corner bench above built to fit one corner of the kitchen.  It is a wonderful use of space, but because it was custom built I have been struggling to find a kitchen table that will also work in the space.

The kitchen renovation as a whole was a success! The before and after photos make me smile!  Before the renovation I felt isolated in the kitchen.  After tearing down some walls and building the breakfast nook I always have someone to keep me company while cooking.  I just needed to find the perfect table…

After trying several different tables I decided to just repurpose (and build) my own.  I knew that I needed a pedestal table so that people could slide onto the bench from both sides.  I found this table on Craigslist and repurposed it into what I wanted & needed:

I painted the base a bright coral-y red color.  After sanding/distressing/painting and glazing the base I transformed the pedestal above into the pedestal below:

I wasn’t able to repurpose the top of the Craigslist table.  When building the new top I tried to coordinate the trim with other woodwork in the kitchen.  In the photo below you can see that the back of the bench (top left of picture below) is finished with trim that matches the trim I put on the tabletop.

The bench and table add so much more sitting to the kitchen. The table sits 4 very comfortably (using only the benches – no added chairs) and 6 when people sit a little closer together.  The table top measures 49″x49″.

Detailed shots of the table:

Detailed shots of the base:

After painting the pedestal this coral color I roughed up the edges a bit so that the wood would show back through on the edges. I also added the look of “worm holes” by repetitively sticking a screw driver into areas of the pedestal.
Lastly, I added a glaze over the entire base.
Have you repurposed an old table into a new one?  How so?
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