Roses Are Red And The Sky Is Blue – Here Is A Fun Way To Make Traveling Fun For You!

Grandparents are the best!  Prior to our last road trip we met Eliana’s Nanalynn for a coffee at Starbucks.  She brought two gifts for Eliana. The first gift (above left) was opened prior to leaving on our trip.  It was an outfit and book for her American Girl Bitty Baby doll for her to play with while in the car.  The second gift (above right) was to be opened once we arrived at our destination (Chicago).  It was a matching outfit for her to wear so that she and “Rosie” (her doll) could match when out and about in Chicago!  There were cute rhymes attached to the bags stating:

Nanalynn presenting the gifts

Bag #1:

Roses are red
The sky is blye
Have fun on your road trip
And remember I love you.

– Nanalynn

Bag #2:

Now you are in ChicagoAnd you were such a good girl.You can open this giftAnd you and Rosie can twirl.
– Nanalynn

How fun is this!  What a great idea for a road trip.  She got something new to keep her entertained while in the car and something to look forward to after the long trip!  You could easily personalize it by changing the destination city and contents to fit what your child loves.  Eliana loves her Rosie (American Girl Bitty Baby) so these gifts were perfect for her, but for a boy you could use this rhyme instead:


Now you are in _______And you were such a good boy.You can open this giftAnd play with your new toy!
Now you are in _______And you were such a good girl.You can open this giftand give your new toy a whirl! Please Share it! 🙂

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