Happy Halloween 2012

Baby Halloween / Harvest Party

On Tuesday I hosted some friends and their children at our house for a baby Halloween party.  We get together frequently, but decided to have a costume party during this week’s visit since Halloween was around the corner.  Boy did we have fun and boy were they cute!

Playtime in their costumes

We aren’t Halloween fanatics in this house.  I think the only Halloween decoration we have is a small glittery purple “BOO” sign.

Most of our Fall decorations consist of Harvest themed items like pumpkins, gourds, leaves, pinecones and chalkboards with the words “Happy Harvest” and “Give Thanks!” written on them.  So it is funny to think that I hosted a “Halloween Party”.  So I am going to call it a “Halloween Harvest Party”.

A Couple Of Our Harvest Decorations:

This baby themed Halloween Harvest Party was so much fun!  Playing dress-up with babies = a great time

I think my favorite part of all was the children and Moms sitting around our dining room table eating lunch together.  Slight havoc, yes.  But incredibly enjoyable at the same time.  Seeing all of our children gathered around the table eating their food while the Moms enjoyed soup, sandwiches, pumpkin cookies, coffee cake and fruit (yes, we did eat that much) was fabulous.  That is what Harvest Season is all about.  Good Food, Good Fun and Great Friends gathered together.  It just made it better having all our children dressed up at the same time 🙂  I wish I had gotten a picture of everyone eating together…next time…

I don’t have a picture of us around the table, so here is the table centerpiece instead…

Happy Halloween and Happy Harvest!

This “Give us this day our daily bread” sign is actually out year round – but I find it especially fitting this time of year

Remember to “Give Thanks” this Season

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