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Operation Organize – Tupperware

Before:After:It is amazing what improved accessibility and a few labels and organization can do to your spirits! Our tupperware was previously stored here:In that cabinet stuck in the corner – we always fought with it! The Solution Accessible:  The first solution was to move the tupperware to a more accessible location – that way it… Continue reading Operation Organize – Tupperware

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DIY Toddler Made Thank You Cards

We are blessed to have wonderful family and friends surround us!  Eliana was showered with love and presents for her birthday.  We wanted to show our appreciation, but Eliana isn’t old enough to write her own thank you cards yet.  So we did the next best thing – she decorated the cards and I wrote… Continue reading DIY Toddler Made Thank You Cards

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Hot Chocolate Bar

We opened our Hot Chocolate Bar for the season during our Open House in early December! The bar includes both child-friendly and “Adult Only” mix-ins. Child Friendly:Peppermint sticksStirring StrawsMarshmallows Dipping CookiesAdult-Only:Godiva LiquorBailey’s Irish CreamWhiskey Our “Adult Only” mix-ins are segregated into a basket so that they are distinguishably different.  The child friendly mix-ins are placed in… Continue reading Hot Chocolate Bar


“Homemaker’s Stainless Steel Cooktop Cleaner Friend”

We recently got a stainless double oven: I love it!  With the exception of the stainless top…it is so hard to clean!  Oil and grease get caked onto it so easily… I tried several products: None of them worked very well… Then I tried Bar Keeper’s Friend….and it is really my new friend.  It could… Continue reading “Homemaker’s Stainless Steel Cooktop Cleaner Friend”

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Using Stair Tread Nosing as Finishing Trim on Built-in Shelves

I was so excited about the “DIY – Between the Studs Storage” until it was finished and I didn’t love the end product… there was something missing in the trimwork.  I couldn’t decide on wood trim, wood accents, white trim or painted trim to match the room… While perusing through the trim isle at Lowe’s… Continue reading Using Stair Tread Nosing as Finishing Trim on Built-in Shelves

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A Parent and A Therapist – Coloring and Crayons

When you are a Mom you are always wondering if you are making the right decisions. Knowing your parenting choices will impact your child, you wonder if it was the right choice or the wrong one. Of course children are resilient, and particularly in the first few years, they allow you to learn and grow… Continue reading A Parent and A Therapist – Coloring and Crayons