Tomato Pie with Caramelized Onions

About a month ago I hosted some friends and their children at my house for an outdoor playdate in our pavilion behind our house.  I decided to make a light meal that I had made the week before for my sister’s birthday.  Both times I have made this dish it has been a hit and I have been asked for the recipe several times.  It was inspired by one of Joy The Baker’s recipes and a recipe Tomato Pie from a cookbook Simply In Season.  I hope you enjoy!

Tomato Pie with Carmelized Onions

Pie Crust:
1 1/2 cups flour
7 T butter
Use your fingers to incorporate the butter into the flour until it is crumbly – size of gravel.

1/3 cup shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese
3-4 T water
pinch of salt
Add and mix until dough begins to stick together.  Add more water if it seems too dry and crumbly.
Place on a floured surface and work dough into a ball.  Cover dough ball and refrigerate for 30 minutes to overnight.  (Side Note: If refrigerating over 30 minutes you may need to let the dough sit for a few minutes before rolling it out).  Roll dough into a circle unti lit is about 1/4 inch thick.  Carefully lift the pie dough onto a greased baking sheet (wrap it around the rolling pin to transfer it).

1 egg yolk (lightly beaten) or buttermilk
3 T dried bread crumbs such as panko
Brush the yolk over the rolled out dough.  Sprinkle bread crumbs on top and use the back of a spoon to spread them evenly over the dough. Don’t sprinkle the crumbs around the edge of the dough.

Carmelized Onions:
1 T olive oil
2 T butter
2 sliced onions
2 cloves minced garlic
2 T Balsamic Vinegar
1/4 cup flour

Add olive oil and butter to saute pan over medium heat.  Once butter has melted, add sliced onions and cook until browned and caramelized about 20 minutes.  Season with salt and pepper.  Remove onions from heat and stir in vinegar and flour.  Set aside.  (Side Note: I have made this the day before as well and then bring it to room temperature before combining it with the pastry and tomatoes the next day).

2 lbs tomatoes sliced or cut into larger chunks
a couple tablespoons flour
1/4 cup chopped basil
1 t red pepper flakes
salt and pepper
4 ounces goat cheese

Place tomatoes, basil and red pepper flakes in a bowl.  Add 1-3 T of flour depending on how juicy the tomatoes are after they have been cut.  Season with salt and pepper.

Place caramelized onions on top of the pastry dough leaving a border around the edge.  Top with tomato mixture, followed by crumbled goat cheese.  Turn edge of dough in over the filling and brush with 1 T buttermilk (or egg yolk).

Bake at 350 degrees until pastry dough is golden – about 30 minutes.


Pairs well with:
I usually pair this meal with a fresh Arugula Salad and Joy’s Blue Cheese Biscuits are also a great addition! A glass of wine never hurts either 🙂 Please Share it! 🙂

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