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Master Bath – Bringing It All Together With Artwork And Accessories

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

A couple weeks ago we made some improvements to the master bath ensuite.  After building and installing the Chunky Floating Shelves and the Between the Studs Storage the rest of the bathroom needed a little help to get up to the same standard. So we updated it with some new artwork, decorative hooks, a few accessories and a plush mat. Most of the items we already had around the house. There were a couple purchases made from Marshalls that helped tie it all together.

To balance the left side of the vanity with the right side I decided it needed a little pizzaz and thought some brown frames would do the trick. I found the two prints at Marshalls and fell in love with them almost instantly. I knew this is what the bathroom needed!

{ Side Note: Jonathan probably wouldn’t agree with the word “needed” but they couldn’t be more perfect for the space – don’t you agree? }
I think they do a good job of making the Between the Studs Storage work in the space and I am finally starting to fall in love with the new unit.

We had the frame below. I added some bright family photos from the pool and beach because I seem to love either 1. naked 2. bathing suit or 3. beach photos in bathrooms. I am not sure why, but they just seem appropriate in bathrooms? Is this just me?

The hooks below the photo were found also at Marshalls for $6. They fit in the space behind the bathroom door so well. It is a small wall but you can see the reflection of it in the mirror when you enter the bathroom.  It is fun to know there is something fun to welcome you when you enter the bathroom and turn around to look at the opposite wall.


We had the tray, mirror and bird bowl. I found the mercury glass soap dispenser at Target.

I love combining things into groups to make an impact. They add a little sparkle to the countertop and it is great because they are now the only things on the counter since we built the storage unit into the wall.

We also already had this towel bar (it is actually a toilet paper holder) and I hung it to the right of the sink. It is nice to have a place to dry hands – for some reason we didn’t have a place for a hand towel in the bathroom and I was always reaching for a bath towel to dry my hands.

This plush bath mat (below) makes stepping into the bathroom feel wonderful in the mornings and evenings.  It is nice to get your feet off of the cold tile floor.

There is one vent in the bathroom. It sits below the window. So we hung a towel bar below the window and call it our towel warmer ;-). It has to be the cheapest towel warmer on the market, but it actually works! You just have to time your shower around when the furnace decides to kick on…

So that’s it!  The master bath ensuite is just about finished.  There is only one thing left and that is to update the brass shower fixtures to chrome.  I have them ordered and they should arrive in about two weeks.  Other than that we have an updated master bath!  I love coming into it now in the mornings and evenings.  It isn’t big but it has just enough touch of luxury that it makes it feel special.

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