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Laundry Room Makeover – Details and Final Photos

We installed cabinets that we already had above the washer and dryer to create more storage and built the unit between the washer and dryer out of 2×4’s.  We also added hooks underneath so that delicates such as bras can dry hanging from the hooks.

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We built a storage unit to fit underneath the previous laundry shoot hamper.  The laundry shoot hamper collects all the laundry that is dropped through the laundry shoots on the 1st and 2nd floor.  The space below was wasted space so we built a large cabinet to fit under it for even more storage.  We then hid the storage by making skirts/curtain panels to hide the clutter.

We added lots of shelving at the entrance of the room in the corner between the door and the laundry shoot.

Next to the washer and dryer is our utility sink.  We built a cover for it that folds up and down so that you can access the sink when needed and use it as a folding table when not needed.

On the wall to the right of the washer and dryer (next to the utility sink) we added a fold down drying rack for items such as sweaters. 

We put in shelves for laundry baskets for sorted and folded laundry for family members.

We added artwork that was free and/or homemade.
Artwork found for free to download at: ThreeLittleMonkeysStudio.comLaundry Tips framed in the picture above can be found for free to download at:

Links for details on the individual Laundry Room Makeover DIY Projects:

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