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DIY Hurricane Vases

Make your own Hurricane Vases!  

All you need are glass containers and gorilla epoxy glue

When decorating the house this year I really wanted to make a Hot Cocoa Bar (will post about this later).

This Cocoa Bar has evolved over the past couple weeks and looks almost nothing like this now…many more toppings added with decorations!

While setting it up on our dining room buffet I realized I needed more containers to hold our “Mix-Ins” for the Cocoa.

They needed to be tall and narrow to accomodate the toppings yet save space on the table for the many things that needed to make their way to the Cocoa Bar.  I only had so many hurricane vases on hand so I decided to make some of my own.

Here they are finished:

I started with these glass objects in my house first.  You could also go to Goodwill and get glass things for anywhere from 45 cents to a couple dollars (I looked because I thought about making more).

I played around with how I wanted to glue them together and came up with this combination:

This one is a cylindrical vase on top of a small bud vaseThis one is a margarita glass upside down with a water carafe (or vase?) on top.
I first mixed my glue.  I used Gorilla Epoxy Glue.  It comes in two tubes that you mix together and then spread on the surface.  It dries very quickly which is nice because you get results faster!  🙂

I mixed it in the carton it came in.  A little goes a long way!

I turned them upside down to dry.
And added books to squeeze the two surface together.Here is a close up of the glue – you can’t really see it because it really is clear!  Perfect!

I am so happy with the finished product and it was so easy!  Done in a half hour!

Please Share it! 🙂

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